Norman D. Ingram, co-founder of UNO

Norman D. IngramOn May 20th 1937 Norman was born in Rocky Ford, Colorado and grew up in La Junta, CO.  He had unusual opportunities as a boy, belonging to the "Koshare Indians" (an Explorer Boy Scout Troop) that was involved with Native American arts, crafts and dance.

At age 14 he performed in a dance troop that toured the USA's country side presenting Plains and Pueblo American ceremonial dances. After graduating from high school he attended a Christian college - John Brown University in Arkansas. During this time he also became interested in flying and took flying lessons. Combining his interest in flying and Christian outreach, Norman decided to be a "flying missionary" and pursued this dream as a missionary to the "Inuit Peoples" at Eskimo Point, on the Hudson Bay. Their mission statement was: Sharing the love of Jesus (Christ Michael) through aviation so that isolated people may be physically and spiritually transformed. They used an aircraft with floats and dog sleds in bad weather.  After this he attended Spartan School of Aeronautics, in Oklahoma, and obtained the equivalent of an FAA certified license which then took him to his first job working out of theSan Francisco International Airport.

A day Norman will never forget is October 17, 1966 when he moved to Honolulu, Hawaii. There he worked as a mechanical sales engineer for a big pineapple and sugar company, flying back and forth between the islands. He was almost "flying in Paradise," but not quite…..this was only the beginning. He bought his own planes and started his own business. Then in 1971 something really gigantic happened! Someone introduced him to The URANTIA Book and after that his life was never the same.  He was starting a study group with a friend within a week!

In 1981 Norman attended his first ICC in Aspen, CO. and later became even more inspired while attending the Boulder School in 1984 and 85. At a summer NYconference in 1994 Norman felt the calling to take Books to Peru and in '95 he flew to South America with Duane Faw and Stella Religa meeting Pradhana Fuchs for the first time. Pradhana had been reading THE TROJAN HORSE and was ready for more information.  Then with Pradhana and Ernesto Ruiz from Mexico Norman traveled throughout Mexico and South America, placing 184 books in all the municipal and national libraries, universities and prisons.

In 1997 Norman and Don Roark opened a Urantia Book Display Booth on Venice Beach Boardwalk, introducing new readers to the book and answering questions. Later that year they went on a four week tour of Asia delivering 120 Books to libraries and universities.

In 1998 and 2000 Norman made two separate trips to  28 countries in Africa delivering 128 French & 200 English books. Here among others he met the master teacher, Moussa Ndiaye (Senegal), leader/teachers Prince John Badioo (Ghana) and Father Louis (Guinea) who have all since visited Norman in the USA. When asked about obstacles he faced, he comments- "crossing the national borders by land was always a major hassle plus their wanting to charge us Duty for the Books. "  Even so, Norman somehow managed to make the crossings safely, though not without many delays. There are now active study groups is Guinea, Ghana, Senegal, and of course, Chile, that have developed directly from these major endeavors.

On a trip to Africa via England, Norman & Stella visited the home of Pato Banton & a long term friendship developed. Inspired by Norman’s enthusiasm Pato re-opened his home for a weekly study group and started on a long journey that has culminated in Pato’s becoming a devout forerunner of the Urantia Revelation. Norman even toured with Pato occasionally from 2006 to 2009 promoting the Urantia Book from the Merch Booth.

Since setting up the Urantia Book Display Booth on Venice Beach Boardwalk in 1997 Norman continues to provide this fruitful service on most Sundays. Norman says his greatest reward and satisfaction is, "when a beam of light glimmers in my brother's eye as he accepts the truth we have for him. Also, when I get a new story of "How I Found The Urantia Book" from a new believer, it‘s better than getting a paycheck you did not expect."

Norman Ingram
By: Polly Friedman
(who did part of the Africa '99 trip with Norman and Rev. Michael Beckwith's AGAPE church group)