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Letters from Pradhana Fuchs

by Pradhana Fuchs

It's time for me to share some insight about my feelings.† One of my favorite phrases about the soul is, "Sincerity is a Divine act..." and I have tried hard I believe to do this. So here are my confessions:

Since the time I was young, I perceived big errors in imposing one's belief on others.

The word "missionary" was always surrounded by a big history of unworthy things and acts.† After 15 years of spreading the Urantia Book around the world I always tried to avoid seeing myself as a missionary. However, after many missions for UNO ( Urantia Nations Outreach ) I started to accept the unavoidable, but with a different touch. I started to call myself a neo-missionary. Why am I bringing this up?† I have found for myself what I believe to be the main point and core of a way to share our beliefs.. We must start from the awareness that everybody has a way of seeing spirituality. If we are there believing that we have the only real truth, we are building a huge barrier and that's how all the dogmas start. The human divisions as I understand from the Master are what he teaches us not to do.

So my Neo-missionary method is to approach some one as a real brother and sister, never as a superior intellect and always show interest in their way of seeing the spirit. My experience has shown me clearly how this attitude opens all the doors. Then there comes the appropriate time for us to share our Urantia Book and its teachings.† It is then well received by our brothers and sisters who see us as open minded, real spiritual seekers. Believe me, in the past 15 years of using this method, people from different cultures have opened† their† hearts and I have also learned so much from them.

Now I'm going to talk about another confession in asking for help and support for our next mission to the villages and cities in northern Chile; At the beginning of the missions we were driven by a deep desire for adventure. Even though I was always aware of the importance of the seed we were sharing, the thirst for adventure and experiences was the engine of a young spiritual seeker.† Now, after many trips around the world, and now having my own family, a house, a job and all those responsibilities (that most of you might understand) now, a mission to me has a different meaning & vision. The thirst for adventure (the engine) has changed. Now the understanding of the deep need of disseminating our Urantia Book is the only impulse. Now it's not just a spiritual adventure, now it's the responsibility of doing a work for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Please from your hearts, have a look at what UNO is doing. We need your help! We have 120 books here and we are ready to deliver them to places where getting a Urantia Book is almost impossible.

Thank you Father for the privilege of being your worker.

Thank you dear reader, for your help!

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Letter sent by Jon DeToy

My name is Pradhana and I'm part of this team we now call Urantia Nations Outreach. I will bring a bit of my story.

Everything begins with a dream. The Urantia Book tells us about a kind of dream that are a message from unknown places, and only we, ourselves will know when a dream is not yet a dream but a message. Well, I was in a state of suffering seeing how we were polluting this Mother Earth. This feeling was so strong that I was really sad. This was the year 1995, when I was 24 years old.

In the dream I was with a group of seven youngsters and an old man who was our guide. The feeling was like going on a long journey. We were in the countryside in a vast place full of hills; after a long walk we saw a light coming from behind a hill. We walk to this light without fear in a state of deep peace, soon we were there and it was a flying saucer. There was a stair and two beings welcomed us, they were just like human beings but with a notorious state of spirituality: they were surrounded by an ethereal light. Inside the shuttle they made us sit, and in front of each of us was one of them, and each of us had a question, and there was something special in the communication, it was like a perfect understanding. The answers were in the same vibration of voice as the questions, it was so beautiful. Well, my time to ask came, but it was in silence like a telepathic communication, I will never forget the face and peace of the being who answered me.

In silence I expressed to him all my sufferings about the pollution of the Earth, about all the plastic that we are just throwing to our Earth. He stands up, walks to a cabin, opens it and there was a strange machine with a kind of computer. He took a plastic bottle, put it in a receptacle, made some operations on the computer and the bottle disappeared in seconds. In another receptacle a kind of organic yellow soil started pouring from the machine. That was all, and in the moment I was awakening from this message dream a clear voice told me to go north.

So in a couple of weeks I was on my way to the North without a clear understanding of my dream but with a hope to find some answers on the trip. I live in Chile, South America, so this was a spiritual pilgrimage and of course my first aim was Machu Pichu, "The sacred land of the Incas".

I was entering a small hotel in Pisaq, Peru and as I walked in, I saw some gringos sitting there and one of them asked me; "What are you doing here?" - "Just travelling", I said. "And what are you doing here?" I asked. "We have a book that we read, called The Urantia Book", was the answer. I couldn't believe it, so I said: "I want one! Once I read a book of J.J Benitez and a friend told me that the writer based the information of his books on The Urantia Book, and now I was there in a strange place with some strange gringos and with this strange book. Great!

One of these gringos was my brother Norman Ingram, immediately there was a connection between us. We went early in the morning to the Pisaq ruins, I told him about my intensions of going north and he told me about his desire of reaching other countries of South America. So there we were, Norman, me, and the energy of our little blue treasure. It was the beginning of a kind of mission, the Urantia World Outreach Nations and the adventures were ready to start.

As I write I ask myself how to express the most deep feelings about this work that we have chosen, because I want to reach the same depths in the ones who will read these words, and I guess that the way is to let the soul express through my writing. And I see that it works because I can again bring to life some great feelings, as when you feel and live the Godly love that the book's teachings bring to our lives. And with this energy we were in countries such as Malawi, Mozambique, Bolivia and a lot more with the feeling that it was the first time that the book was in those countries, and the welcoming of the people was so much. It's just an amazing feeling, I always said it's like putting the seed in good soil. This overwhelms me so much that I can just thank God.

I can call our work a neo-mission cause we have learned from history and from the book the damage of imposing any kind of spirituality to someone that has no sense so we just go to the main libraries to donate books if they want and we also go around with books to share with the ones that are sent to us. Always with the aim of sharing our spirituality with their ways of seeing the spirit as the only path of growing together with respect, I'm sure that this has been the clue as to why we have been so well received.

My intention is to let you know what we are doing, because without your help our work can't be done, you are part of this Urantia Book energy. Thanks to all the ones that have believed in our work, this spiritual work.

We have been in so many countries so you can imagine how many stories we have, but I want to present just two of them, maybe the ones that I have more in my heart, one in South America and the other in Africa.

On 1996 we were in Guadalajara, Mexico and we wanted to reach the jail there, so we made a contact and they took us to a rehabilitation center for prisoners. The center was a huge and fancy mansion confiscated by the authorities from a famous Mexican drug dealer. They took us to what used to be the big bathroom of the house, because it was dark enough there for our slide presentation of the book. The room was a little bit demolished and marked up and they brought in about thirty prisoners. The environment wasn't the best, they showed that they were there without wanting to be there, making jokes like school kids.

We were nervous, the lights of the room were turned off and the strong white light of the projector was there in front of all of us on a white wall. Everybody could see a name scratched in the wall, it was the name of the famous drug dealer owner of the house, there was a silence and I said: " I want to thank, (I named the dealer), that made this possible". Everybody laughed and the mood changed, we got relaxed and they watched the presentation in complete silence and when we finished I will never forget the eyes of one of the prisoners that came to me and said: "This is the first time that I can imagine how heaven must be". I was so touched, I still keep a picture of that presentation inside my UBook as a spiritual treasure.

The next story was in Nairobi, Kenya, the year 2000. We arrived in this city and a box of twenty (Urantia) books were supposed to be waiting for us there, cause we were out of them. Well, for our surprise and patience the box wasn't there and a sort of battle of two weeks begun. This situation gave us a chance to live and see how bureaucracy and corruption work together. Finally, after two weeks of patience practice and a lot of money we got our books. But as everything is cause of something, the time in Nairobi gave us the chance for great things. Norman made good friends in the National library with the director, his secretary and a bunch of other people there, who were anxious as we were awaiting the arrival of the books.

I, as a music lover, am always interested in the music of the places, and it took me nothing to find out that just two blocks away from our small hotel was the National Theatre and Cultural Center of Nairobi. It was great. I took some intensive drum lessons and became friends with a group of thirteen young members of a drumming group call, " The Talking Drums", well known in Nairobi. I spent a lot of time with them, telling them about the book and our reason we were there. The crazy thing was that on our expected day of departure, the box of books arrived and we got a couple of hours to do something with them. Norman took a taxi with half of the books to the library and the celebration there was great. I carried the other half to the theatre and all these kids waiting for their books were something so emotional to me, it was like an Urantia party in the middle of the African continent. That day will be forever in my heart.

To share it may be the most precious tool to serve God. So I want to thank all the ones who have helped us in our service and thank God for giving us the opportunity to serve. Pradhana Fuchs - CHILE

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Letter sent by Pradhana

Dear Brother Norman,

Finally in calm and in front a computer. Brother this last mission was great as all the others, you know what it means to do this work for the kingdom, in some way it’s a beautiful sacrifice because it was a lot of driving - really a lot - but when you visualize the power of taking our Urantia books to all these people, in the way is more than worthy.

The meaning and teachings of the book will be spread more and more and that is our work. Now we are safe in our homes and we can feel the blessings of what we did.

Thank you for all and you can tell to Robert that we will probably create a new mission somewhere in Central America, maybe Belize. That is a poor country, and I'm sure there's no books there.

We accomplish 26 libraries in some cities but mainly small towns on our way to the Patagonia / Atlantic side. The videos that Jon made shows the real work we did.

Now this is the list of the libraries and people we gave the books to:

  1. Pablo Segovia- Reñaca ,Viña del Mar.
  2. Biblioteca Municipal de Chillan.
  3. Biblioteca Carcel Municipal de Chillan.
  4. Hugo Vergara Olivares - Chillan, (starbibbo @ hotmail.com)
  5. Biblioteca Ecoescuela El Manzano- Cabrero.
  6. Rodrigo Bloom - San Antonio 5ta region.
  7. Biblioteca Centro lector- Osorno, Chile.
  8. Biblioteca Municipal Osorno, Chile.
  9. Biblioteca Publica Entrelagos, Chile.
  10. Biblioteca Popular de Angostura, Argentina.
  11. Biblioteca Municipal de Esquel, Argentina.
  12. Biblioteca Sarmiento Bariloche, argentina.
  13. Biblioteca municipal de Tecka, Argentina.
  14. Biblioteca Escuela n-17 Tecka , Argentina.
  15. Biblioteca Pedagogica de Esquel, Argentina.
  16. Gabriel Healthstore (gavilamluli@hotmail.com)
  17. Gabriel Father.
  18. Biblioteca de Jose de San Martin, Chubut, Argentina.
  19. Adriana Bascuñan, Jose de San Martin , Chubut.
  20. Luciana Bascuñan, Adriana daughter in Chubut-
  21. Biblioteca popular Mariano Moreno, Sarmiento ,Chubut.
  22. Susana Elida Gerez (sgerez@hotmail.com)
  23. Biblioteca Servicoop, Puerto Madryn, Argentina.
  24. Mercedes Riglos, Director library Servicoop.
  25. Biblioteca Sarmiento, Puerto Madryn.
  26. Biblioteca Popular A.Alvarez, Trelew, Argentina.
  27. Biblioteca Universidad G. Fuentes, Trelew, Argentina.
  28. Biblioteca Paso de Indios, Chubut , Argentina.
  29. Biblioteca Escuela de Paso de Indios, Chubut.
  30. Biblioteca Kuran-Antu, Las Plumas, Argentina.
  31. Biblioteca Cidep, Mallin , Chubut.
  32. Biblioteca del Hoyo , El Bolson, Argentina.
  33. Roberto Pollola , library director , El Hoyo.
  34. Georgina Santis , Viña del mar , Con Con.
  35. Biblioteca Sarmiento, El Bolson , Argentina.
  36. Juan Carlos Gomes ,(juancasillag@hotmail.com)
  37. Paula Hermosilla, Concepcion, Chile.
  38. Saia Lopes , el Bolson.
  39. Facundo Moreno , Buenos Aires , Argentina.
  40. Biblioteca Popular Angelica Nievas, Epuyen.
  41. Biblioteca Popular Lago Puelo, argentina.
  42. Biblioteca Popular El Maiten, El Maiten.
  43. Pastor Silvestre Alvarez and his spiritual and community study group, El Bolson , Argentina.
  44. Pastor Silvestre Alvarez and his spiritual and community study group, El Bolson , Argentina.
  45. Pastor Silvestre Alvarez and his spiritual and community study group, El Bolson , Argentina.
  46. Pastor Silvestre Alvarez and his spiritual and community study group, El Bolson , Argentina.
  47. Pastor Silvestre Alvarez and his spiritual and community study group, El Bolson , Argentina.
  48. Nicolas Subercasaux, Cachagua.
  49. Felipe Maquehue and Family.
  50. Margarita Cortes and Family, Cabrero.
  51. Felipe Yusevich, Santiago, Chile.

Norman these are the blessed ones, now we can just pray and let the cosmic energies work upon all His people. This is my missioner report. All the money will be transferred in Chilean pesos that means that for one dollar its 600 Chilean pesos so you can divide the amount to 600. Also I have a bag full of receipts but in Argentine they don’t give you receipts in a lot of things so it won’t help much if i send you the receipts.

The 2.590 dollars was 1.580.000- Chilean pesos
So we have left 400.000 pesos that is 1.180.000

.180.000 - 337.000 of car preparations
843.000 - 77.000 of camping things
766.000 - 240.000 of gas
526.000 - 70.000 of tolls
456.000 - 170.000 sleeping places
286.000 - 20.000 ferrys
266.000 - of supermarkets, restaurants, parking, tips, boarder crossings

So this brother is a main description of the basic needs we had. We did it very cheap, because you know we are humble missionaries and our aim is to spread the book and be in the adventure of a mission with the people.

Now the question is what we do we the money left that is about 650 dollars. We thought in asking for more books with that money, because that's the main issue here, to have books, but we can think more about it. We can also save them for another mission.

Love and light . Pradhana

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Letter from Pablo Segovia

First of all I like to introduce myself. I´m Pablo Segovia. I was born in Argentina in 1976 and am living now in Viña del Mar, Chile, the city where I’ve owned an internet cafe for five years.

All my life I was looking for the truth of the existence, but nothing fullfilled my expectations. Many times, I give up searching, but I always return to this road. I was raised Catholic but never devout of the church. Always, I believed in the word of Jesus Christ. I even accepted him as my savior. But I never understand my relationship with him and with the Universe around me.

I didn´t have the right questions to ask. I also think that it is because my religion was not allowing it to myself. But something happened two and a half years ago. I turned into atheist. Between other reasons I felt that there was many contradiction in the Catholic religion. And I was living my life in a way that it was feeling unreal.

But this was just for a small period of time. Then my spirit force me to keep searching but now without the pressure of my ancient beliefs. One of the things that I always sensed beforehand was that the truth was something that I had to search inside of me. But without guide I felt lost.

So I start to read many things of different religions and different techniques to improve my quality of life. Meanwhile I knew the one that would be my great friend and guide, Jon Detoy, who presented me the fifth revelation, The Urantia Book revelation that at this point is my only reference of the truth.

In the beginning, I didn´t have an idea what the book wanted to explain but Jon was the one who with his devotion and knowledge on the book was clarifying the concepts and inspiring me to read it. Now I know that he was sent to my place by angels. Everything what I have learned since then improved my life in an impressive way.

Every time I read the book I find truth and while I follow the truth, I connect with my spirit discovering my true identity. I am grateful to God for opening my eyes to the truth and giving me the opportunity to reach him and I´m gonna give my best in this life to achieve it.

I am sure that if I could change anyone who wishes it can. This revelation is the best instrument to do it. The book satisfies your intellectual and spiritual needs. Recently I have read the book more than ever and I really believe that the destination of all is God ....that gives me Strength to continue with the future missions.

That is my short and humble story I hope it helps to someone to believe. And I ask excuses for my English.  If more of us shine, better looks the road for the rest.

Peace and love for all of you.
Pablo Segovia

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