Letters from North America

Dear Norman,
For you and Stella and for whomever you may wish to send it to, this is the core of what I took from Moussa's first seminar.

Meet the Adjutants!

Jeffrey Wattles, June 2003

It can make a huge different in our lives when we take the teachings of The Urantia Book not merely as interesting information but as truths that we can realize in our own experience. Take a few minutes with the lesson about the Adjutants, the seven mind spirits that come from the Infinite Spirit via our Local Universe Mother Spirit (pp. 402-03). As you read the following paragraph from the book, do so reflectively, quietly receiving what is said, allowing yourself to realize the truth of what is being said. Take time to identify--recognize--these functions of mind at work in you now. Then take time to acknowledge and recognize the spirit ministry to these functions of mind.

"1. The spirit of intuition--quick perception, the primitive physical and inherent reflex instincts, the directional and other self-preservative endowments of all mind creations; the only one of the adjutants to function so largely in the lower orders of animal life and the only one to make extensive functional contact with the nonteachable levels of mechanical mind."

Do you perceive things readily--seeing things, hearing things, and so on? Do you have reflex instincts? Do you instinctively react to protect yourself when someone throws a watermelon your way? Do you have a sense of orientation in space--up/down, left/right, front/back, and so on? Of course you do! Now realize that there is an adjutant mind spirit ministering to this function in your mind. Take a moment to think over this wonderful fact. Let the delight of the faith awareness of the presence of the spirit of intuition unfold like a flower.

"2. The spirit of understanding--the impulse of co-ordination, the spontaneous and apparently automatic association of ideas. This is the gift of the co-ordination of acquired knowledge, the phenomenon of quick reasoning, rapid judgment, and prompt decision."

Can you understand the ideas in a sentence and in a paragraph? When you are driving and see that the stoplight is red, can you readily associate ideas and conclude that you need to stop by putting on the brake? Of course you can. Isn't it nice to realize that there is a spirit of understanding to help us with these basics of mental functioning. Take a moment to welcome--experience consciously--the presence of this mind spirit.

"3. The spirit of courage--the fidelity endowment--in personal beings, the basis of character acquirement and the intellectual root of moral stamina and spiritual bravery. When enlightened by facts and inspired by truth, this becomes the secret of the urge of evolutionary ascension by the channels of intelligent and conscientious self-direction."

Doesn't it take a certain amount of courage to get out of bed in the morning, cross the street, drive a car, or meet someone new? Doesn't it take courage to explore new ideas and follow the adventuresome religion of the spirit? Of course you have courage! Couldn't you use a little more courage at times or a finer quality of courage? Pause. Take a moment to let your mind receive the ministry of the spirit of courage.

"4. The spirit of knowledge--the curiosity-mother of adventure and discovery, the scientific spirit; the guide and faithful associate of the spirits of courage and counsel; the urge to direct the endowments of courage into useful and progressive paths of growth."

Aren't you engaging in the adventure of discovery right now, curious about the mind, exploring these interesting teachings? Of course you are! Realize that there is support and guidance from the spirit of knowledge. Receive it more fully right now.

"5. The spirit of counsel--the social urge, the endowment of species co-operation; the ability of will creatures to harmonize with their fellows; the origin of the gregarious instinct among the more lowly creatures."

You surely enjoy times of socializing. As writer and reader, aren't we working together right now, sharing ideas? As a member of a study group, you discuss such ideas as these. How nice to reflect that our Local Universe Mother Spirit is facilitating a finer quality of socializing and cooperation through the spirit of counsel. Take a minute to appreciate that Adjutant mind spirit.

"6. The spirit of worship--the religious impulse, the first differential urge separating mind creatures into the two basic classes of mortal existence. The spirit of worship forever distinguishes the animal of its association from the soulless creatures of mind endowment. Worship is the badge of spiritual-ascension candidacy."

Isn't it wonderful to realize that when we turn toward the Universal Father with the intention to worship that we have help? We can worship, thanks not only to the Spirit of Truth and the Thought Adjuster, but also thanks to the spirit of worship. Take a minute to appreciate that mind spirit.

"7. The spirit of wisdom--the inherent tendency of all moral creatures towards orderly and progressive evolutionary advancement. This is the highest of the adjutants, the spirit co-ordinator and articulator of the work of all the others. This spirit is the secret of that inborn urge of mind creatures which initiates and maintains the practical and effective program of the ascending scale of existence; that gift of living things which accounts for their inexplicable ability to survive and, in survival, to utilize the co-ordination of all their past experience and present opportunities for the acquisition of all of everything that all of the other six mental ministers can mobilize in the mind of the organism concerned. Wisdom is the acme of intellectual performance. Wisdom is the goal of a purely mental and moral existence." (402-03; 36:5)

Do you have a more or less unified sense of the world around you? Does your mind work to unify your concept of reality? Do you have some sense of when enough is enough and when you are going too far with a particular drive? Do you seek divine wisdom? Of course you do. Take a minute to welcome and appreciate the spirit of wisdom, coordinating and integrating your mental life and bringing you blessings from on high.

How many times have we heard basic religious exhortations being repeated with the sound of the dull thud of repeated fact? To liberate our potential response to truth, it helps so much to have the mind enlivened. I am indebted to Moussa Ndiaye for opening my eyes last summer to the book's revelation of the Adjutants. After that, I had the opportunity to lead sessions with the UB Youth Tour at Sue and Derek Tennant's Silver Springs retreat center. On Monday morning we spent a couple hours examining Jesus' gospel and then went down to the lovely gazebo for fifteen minutes of worship before lunch. The next morning, we learned of the Adjutant mind spirit circuits and heard talks from Gaetan Charland and Guy Perron on the Adjutants. After that, when we went to the gazebo to worship, I could hardly pry them loose after forty-five minutes to go have lunch. Their worship experience was so strong they just wanted to continue and stay together right where they were. After that, I presented the Adjutants in terms appropriate for a Sunday sermon, and the congregation were rejoicing with enlightenment.

Learning to work more consciously with the Adjutants facilitates substantial progress in all areas of life. In any task we can take a moment to think of the most relevant Adjutants, let the mind become more permeable to their ministry, and enjoy the results. Receiving their ministry more fully offers new hope for spiritual and social brotherhood among readers of The Urantia Book, among followers of Jesus, and among religionists world-wide.