Letters from Africa

Sent by Chita Nonde, Zambia

I came to hear about the Urantia Book from one of a good friend. He used to read some selected quotes from the same book for me. This usually used to happen whenever I visited him and when he visited me.

Gradually, I developed interest in knowing more about the book (Urantia Book), because the same selected quotes made me to think more about a lot of things which affect our daily lives as individuals and as human beings generally.

Moreover, the great news was that this same friend (Chita Nonde) received the Urantia Book in February 2003 year, making our study of it more exciting and interesting. I am also therefore, looking forward to having a personal copy of the Urantia Book and relevant study Aids, so that whenever we meet together we can discuss certain topics that are of interest and need to us. A wonderful, great thing, the Urantia Book!

In June 2000 to 31st March 2001, a friend of mine started writing letters to me. From November 2000 to March 2001, he almost wrote to me on a daily basis.

Early 2001, he told me of a big book in the library, unfortunately some pages of the book were missing. One day he showed me the book and I sat down to go through it. Having checked the contents, I went straight to paper 90 "Shamanism - Medicine men and Priests". This paper was of interest to me because of my uncertainties on diseases. Later on, I came across familiar words such as Melchizedek, Adam and Eve, which led to other findings such as origin and nature of Thought Adjusters, Midway creatures, the seven mansion worlds, personality survival and many more.

When I went to school (2002) in another city (Kitwe), I came across the Urantia Book in the school library. The great thing was that the book could be borrowed unlike the one at home (in Ndola) for it is in the reference section. It was great joy to discover the Jesus papers, 120 to 128 which were missing in the other Urantia Book (in Ndola).
I have not finished reading the entire book, but whilst reading I always rejoice to come across the statement my friend (Chita Nonde) wrote in his letters. The more I read the book, the more I come across the statements in the letters. Its also some kind of an adventure.

It is so wonderful to be set free, free from the fetters of fear, doctrines, religion, ecstasy, taboos and all those things that distract spiritual progress. I look forward to that time our universe will be settled in light and life and the attainment of the supreme.

I discovered the Urantia Book in Ndola Public Library in 1998. I used to go in the morning 09:00 am to 14:30 PM. During the study breaks, I used to read, religion, philosophy, psychology, theology, science, music, art, information and quotations books (proverbs etc.) and all other related book. I finished the music shelf and the religion section, books I read included bible commentaries (I have some even at home, I also discovered them).

I always skipped the Urantia Book, because of the word URANTIA, I could not first pronounce and did not relate to anything. However, it was the unread book on the shelf. One day I took it, looked at the contents. I was especially moved by the titles. The Central and Supper Universe, the Local Universe and the History of Urantia. The life and teachings of Jesus did not click to my mind.

I opened and read the 'half' detailed titles, i.e., sponsored by the Uvera Corps, then to the foreword, only to discover the ever confusing word DEITY and DIVINITY explained clearly though I did not understand there and then but somehow it calmed my confusion of theology and philosophy. I was happy and continued on wards, and learnt the term Urantia and partially Nebadon and Orvonton.

Every study break when I went for my study and after was dedicated to reading the Urantia Book and now things were becoming clear and my mind free, though I used to hide or cover the book when reading I did not want people to see what I was reading for I knew they could not understand, I did not realize how my mind was expanding, concepts, perception on life changed as I advanced though understood not. It was later that I was able to offer explanations to my decisions and actions what that the Urantia Book has done, even though I have been different all my life even in childhood.

One day I flipped a lot of pages, then found The Life and Teaching of Jesus. I began reading and it was every day on and on. It was more interesting though it had missing pages of the childhood of Jesus (i.e. pages 1320-1444). It was a joyous time such that I so it best to start from page 1 so as to understand everything properly. I called this the beginning and I did just that.

In the year 2000, we formed a club at our church Cathedral of Christ the King Parish called vocation club. And I was the Vice Chairperson and Namukale the Chief Editor. It was this year that she was completing her High School, I took her position as acting Chief Editor. I started to send some letters to her with some Urantia Book quotations related to whatever transpired in the club, life and editing our club magazine, though I did not specify that they are quotations from UB, eventually I showed her the book. Later I was over throne by my Chairperson after mobilizing the members that I am misleading the club. Fidelis the Treasurer of the club withdrew from the mob and briefed me about it and told me to be firm (He is now a Urantia Book reader and he is in the Seminary). On the day of over throwing, Namukale and Mercy defended me and we all stopped the same day in September 2000. [Mercy is now also an Urantia Book reader).

Later I introduced, Issac, Chisha, Kafula, recently Bonaventure (the only one who was moved by seeing me with a big book, got thirsty to read it, after reading the first papers 1 & 3, he had so much joy, and I explained to him about the world wide Urantia), and Joseph Chanika (a Librarian in Ndola Public Library).

Scout members, Dennis and Mwelwa (though they are yet to be readers, but I read for them when I visit). Namukale and I introduced the Book to Mercy, though it was only last year she became a reader.

Through the troubles we faced with Namukale in 2002, we decided to find out from the publishers of the Book Urantia Foundation. Namukale tried www.urantia.com , and the website opened. Oh! What joy it was find out what is there about the Book i.e. people, history, programs etc. we contacted them. This lead to the opening up of our email box. They sent a letters, a Urantia selected except, Urantia news which arrived after two weeks. They also sent one Urantia Book which arrived in Feb. 2003. It was a surprise but to our surprise it was sent when we inquired. Anyway, they have never told us about sending the book and they also never reply by email apart from the thoughts to ponder.

Today we have discovered the SMV and more. Namukale did it, she has more time to search the website at school in the computer room than me, for I have to find money first to go at the Cafe, its quite expensive, anyway we do sacrifice.

It's not easy to compose (for me) what the Urantia Book is to me, perhaps the above story could dictate what it is to me. But all I could say I am free, free indeed, free at last ! However, to myself when I imagine and think of what the Urantia Book is to me, I always shout "Oh what joy! Urantia !" Normally tears drop.

Truly I have suffered, as a result of being a Urantia Book reader, truly what joy it is to have found it. I cant wait to be with a thousand Urantia Book readers, perhaps like in other countries not new readers but the oldest. The greatest joy is that I have began.

A big appreciation to the Thought Adjusters, for giving me the chance to discover it and read for nearly 2 ½ (two and one half) years 1998 - 2000 alone, preparing a foundation for the spreading.

I started working in the Library in 1996, and it is work to know the books in stock. I saw the Urantia Book and did not bother to read, it was under the religion section, perhaps just one of them. Oh, I was mistaken, it is not one of them. It is early this year that I came to know that and discover the UB after one of our patrons emphasized about the importance of the book. As I started reading the UB I found some good chapters which gave me courage to be reading regularly. I would appreciate more UBs to be found in our library, this one UB is not enough.

Aloha friends,
We thank our Father and our Zambia friends for their HIFTUB stories and there are more to come. The Library who has pages of Part Four missing out of their Urantia Book needs to be contacted and the book replaced plus an additional copy for their lending library section. Also find the attached photos of Pradhana Fuchs from Chile and Miss Rayl placing the Urantia Books at the University of Botswana. He was on his way to Zambia at the time.

Mahalo (or thank you),