UNO's Africa Project

UNO's Africa Project

The Urantia Book Society Los Angeles (UBLA) is seeking financial support for Norman Ingram's trip to Ghana Africa. We are looking to raise $2000 for his airfare and Urantia Book's transportation.

Norman will be attending the 10th for 6 days and a one day Urantia Conference with Buck and Arlene Weimer and other members of the International Fellowship Committee of the Urantia Book Fellowship.

Norman has made two previous successful trips to Africa where he visited 28 countries and placed the book in their national libraries. Norman has also traversed the countries of Asia, Central and South America placing books in of their national libraries. He has many African friends who are instrumental in establishing study groups and making the Urantia Book available to hungry souls.

Donating to this Tax-deductible worthy cause is very simple.
Just click on the donate button below:

Or mail your donation, checks can be made payable to:

Mind, Body & Spirit
c/o Fred F. Harris, Jr.
Greenberg Traurig, P.A.
101 East College Ave.
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
earmarked "UNO - Africa Mission"

Donations in any amount are most appreciated even $10.00 toward Urantia Books helps.
Thanks and may our Father's will be done.

UNO is the newest stage in the evolution of WOUN (World Outreach to Urantia Nations) founded by Norman Ingram as an adjunct to his outreach ministries around the world disseminating the teachings as well as the book itself to libraries, prisons, learning institutions and people's homes. So far, Norman and friends have visited countires in South America, including Peru, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. He has also distributed books in the countries of Mexico, Japan, China, and many nations in Africa. This web site is a contribution from The Urantia Book Fellowship of Los Angeles (UBLA) to Norman in support of his efforts