The Urantia missionary work in
the South America continues !!

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With Urantia Nations Outreach and the readers and supporters around the world, Pradhana, Jon and Pablo are planning to deliver 100 El Libro de Urantia books to the Atacama the driest desert in the world.

We plan to hit all the libraries, public and private, that we can find in the Desert. There are many spiritual retreats spread throughout the Atacama and we plan to talk to seekers wherever the Angels lead us! We plan to go to these desert and seaside villages:

Coquimbo, La Serena, Vallenar, Copiapo, Antofagasta, Calama, San Pedro de Atacama, Iquique, Arica, Tocopilla, and multitudes of fishing villages along the Northern Pacific coast.

The spiritual soil in South America is very fertile, we are blessed to be able to present the Revelation with your help and prayers.

Hola brothers and sisters,

Kenya and I have been having a very fruitful and amazing mission. We have been finding many small private libraries and spiritual people who are very interested in getting to know what we have found. There was a meditation center in Valle de Elqui were we met a young man from Mexico who had heard the the Urantia book was "the book for spiritual enlightenment" and had been looking for one but could not afford the price here in Chile , close to $75 usd. He was reading a spiritual book while working in the gardens at the meditation center and couldn't believe it when we arrived with the Revelation for the library in the center!

At a campground where we were spending the night a man " Norman " stopped me and asked about the "Book " we had, he had been watching us and was drawn to us by the energy he felt. Norman is a leader of groups of up to 30 people who have addiction problems with drugs . He does this work on his own and meets daily with different groups he organizes He told Kenya that they are mainly lacking spiritual understanding. After a long talk with him in a beautiful morning under the desert sun we presented him with the Revelation , that he held tightly to his chest.

There are many more stories to tell and pictures to share, but now it is morning and we are off to small libraries that Kenya has a talent for finding. The Missionary team in Chile is growing and the seeds are spreading. Thanks to all who have helped.

Kenya and Jon on the road

Hold HIGH the MISSION !!!

The Atacama Desert Seeding Project was completed $230 dollars below budget. Congratulations! Thanks for all the new Urantia book placements.

Norman this is how things worked. It was an amazing experience, completely followed by angels that were arranging every step of the way...a complete success. Jon is working on the pictures job and then ready to prepare the last step before next International Urantia Conference 2011 in Salt Lake City.

List of libraries:
1-----Biblioteca Publica nº 238-----------(City name) Quintero.
2-----B.P.Mercedes Maturana---------Catapilco.
3-----Centro Cultural Catapilco--------Catapilco.
4-----B.P. Miguel Ollarzu Veliz---------Canela.
5-----B.P. Pedro Regalado-------------Combarbala.
6-----Observatorio Cruz del Sur-------Combarbala. (The biggest tourist observatory of South America)
7-----Escolar CRA-----------------------Los Vilos.
8-----Biblioteca Publica nº117 ---------Ovalle.
9-----Biblioteca Publica nº228----------Monte Patria.
10----Biblioteca Publica de Huatulame--Huatulame.
11----B.P. Joaquin Vicuña Larrain------Vicuña.
12----B.P.Dr.Oscar Peralta--------------Paihuano.
13----B.Universitaria Irma Salas Silva---La Serena.
14----B.P. Alonso de Ercilla---------------La Serena.
15----B.P. Guillermo Francia Jones-------Coquimbo.
16----B.P. Gabriela Mistral----------------Coquimbo.
17----B.P. Cirujano Videla----------------- Andacollo.
18----B.P. Maria Estela Diaz----------------Maitencillos.
19----Jackeline Rodriguez------------------Camping Paihuano.

UNO is the newest stage in the evolution of WOUN (World Outreach to Urantia Nations) founded by Norman Ingram as an adjunct to his outreach ministries around the world disseminating the teachings as well as the book itself to libraries, prisons, learning institutions and people's homes. So far, Norman and friends have visited countires in South America, including Peru, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. He has also distributed books in the countries of Mexico, Japan, China, and many nations in Africa. This web site is a contribution from The Urantia Book Fellowship of Los Angeles (UBLA) to Norman in support of his efforts