Outreach in Africa


For more information, please contact:
UNO Norman D. Ingram
(Central Outreach Facilitator)
8316 Comstock Ave. Whittier, CA 90602
Tel: 562-698-2122 cell: 562 822 8316
Email: norlastar@aol.com
Website: http://ubla.org/uno/

Moussa, N'Diaye, Jon DeToy, Pato Banton
Moussa Ndiaye, Jon DeToy, Pato Banton
at the Montreal, Canada
First United Urantia Family Festival
July 2010

Outreach in South America

South America

Outreach in Asia

Outreach in Asia

UNO's Africa Project
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Our flag flies over the slave door at Gore Island in Africa
"Our flag fly's over the slave door
at Gore Island in Africa"

Chile Mission Disseminating
the Urantia Books
The Urantia missionary work
in the South America continues !!
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Chile Outreach Team

Norman D. Ingram,
Co-Founder of UNO
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Norman Ingram

Outreach in Central America

Central America

UNO is the newest stage in the evolution of WOUN (World Outreach to Urantia Nations) founded by Norman Ingram as an adjunct to his outreach ministries around the world disseminating the teachings as well as the book itself to libraries, prisons, learning institutions and people's homes. So far, Norman and friends have visited countires in South America, including Peru, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. He has also distributed books in the countries of Mexico, Japan, China, and many nations in Africa. This web site is a contribution from The Urantia Book Fellowship of Los Angeles (UBLA) to Norman in support of his efforts